Min Tanaka “Locus Focus” in Czech

2012年5月7日、8日 田中泯 ソロダンス「場踊り」
2012年5月9日 田中泯 + 石原志保 「Step into the Shadow」

Archa Theatre

07.05.12 (20:00)Min Tanaka solo “Locus Focus”
08.05.12 (20:00)Min Tanaka solo “Locus Focus”

09.05.12 (20:00)Min Tanaka and Shiho Ishihara”Step into the Shadow”

Famous Japanese dancer, director and farmer Min Tanaka, a legend of world dance, returns to Prague for the first time in seven years. On May 7 and 8 Archa will present two of his solo shows under the name Locus Focus and on May 9 he will appear together with dancer Shiho Ishihara in the performance of Step into the Shadow.