5/12 NHK Eテレ 日曜美術館「踊らばおどれ~一遍聖絵の旅~」

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午前9時00分~ 午前9時45分



Min Tanaka’s Appearance Information—A program on Ippen Shonin!

“Nichiyo Bijutsukan (Sunday Art Museum): Nembutsu Dance and the Ippen Hijiri-e”
on May 12 at 9:00 to 9:45 am on NHK Educational

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National treasure Ippen Hijiri-e is a set of handscrolls documenting the life of Ippen, a Buddhist monk and the founder of Ji school in Kamakura-era. Besides the latest and finest painting techniques of the time, the handscrolls contain rare documentation and illustration of the everyday life of people at the time.
The Ippen Hijiri-e is considered to be the oldest silk-ground handscrolls exist in Japan, and with the finest technique to paint on both front and back side of the screens, they recapture the liveliness of the time through the detailed shades of colors. The illustrations depict various scenes throughout Japan where Ippen and his fellow monks preached to the people that invocation of the name of Amida, a practice called nembutsu will ensure rebirth in the Pure Land, even the sick or the poor. The ultimate form of the prayer is “dancing Nembutsu (odori-nembutsu),” chanting and dancing to music on the street, and this created a vast number of the followers. What is Odori-Nembtsu? Why did it spread so widely? Dancer Min Tanaka, who has long been fascinated by Ippen’s way of life, will travel to the places depicted by the handscrolls and visit Ippen’s thoughts.

Guets: Min Tanaka (dancer), Yasushi Kurihara (Political Scientist/ Writer)
Moderator: Masatsugu Ono and Yukiko Shibata