Cecil Taylor and Min Tanaka DUO

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All available all tickets were sold out. About the ticket which is sellable on the performance day.We can take the confirmation if you can come at 16:00 at SOUGETSU HALL.★A prior question is not accepted. Especially, please quit the communication to a hall.

It is only the standing tickets for 5,000Yen


The 2013 Kyoto Prize (Arts & Philosophy) for Cecil Taylor.

Sun., Nov.17 at Sogetsu Hall
Start17:00, Gate open16:15, Hall open16:30

Cecil Taylor(piano) and Min Tanaka(dance)  DUO 
Magic Si! Logic No!

The world began without human beings, and the “memory of sounds” was amalgamated from the water, fire, and earth, and it has since been imbued in the bodies of these two artistic magicians via their collaborations. Now, it is ready to set sail through the plasmatic sea of Tokyo.

A Magic Rite by the innate poet, Cecil Taylor, recipient of the 2013 Kyoto Prize, and by the dancer Min Tanaka.


VENUE/Sogetsu Hall
adjacent to the Canadian Embassy, on Aoyama-Dori.

■Address:7-2-21 Sougetsu Bldg B1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8505, Japan
 for logistic info such as venue location, please call the Sogetsu Hall,
 but it answers just on the day of performance.
■No parking space

【Subway access】
■5 minutes walk from AOYAMA ICCHOUME station exit 4,
 on Tokyo Metro Hanzo-mon Line, Ginza Line, and Ooed Line.
■10 minutes walk from AKASAKA MITSUKE station exit A,
 on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and Marunouchi Line.

◆open seating, advance purchase only; See below for Ticketing Agents.

START at 17:00 (Gate open at 16:15, Hall open at 16:30)
◆tickets are numbered in the order of purchase/deposit timing; you will be ushered into the Hall in that order.

It is also ★SOLD OUT!★.

Madada Inc.:madada.inc@gmail.com

Organized by「Magic Si! Logic No!」 
Rin Ishihara (Madada Inc.)
Roppei Iwagami (Office Roppei Iwagami)
Yutaka Oki (BIGTORY co., ltd.)
Kazue Kobata
Min Tanaka
Mitsuo Tamura (STATION CO.,LTD)

Special cooperation:INAMORI FOUNDATION 
Cooperation:International House of Japan, Tokyo National University of the Arts/Inter-media Art Dept., B-tech Japan, HOT STUFF PROMOTION, LADY JANE, plan-B, VELVETSUN PRODUCTS

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