⭐︎映像・TV・CM等出演に関する最初のお問い合わせに関しても、同様に 企画内容、出演ご依頼の意図などの資料をご添付の上、下記メールにお送りください。








[Request for your inquiry in general]

Madada Inc. will receive your inquiry ONLY via emails. We will not take or return any calls without preceding personal contact.

⭐︎On your inquiry email:
Please give it a specific and direct title. It will help us clarify the context and reply to you smoothly for further correspondence, among many emails we receive daily.

⭐︎For any request, please send us a summary of the event or a proposal as in detail as possible. It will help us determine the possibilities when you send us as many supporting documents as possible.

⭐︎For your first contact inquiring for appearance on any moving images, TV programs, advertisement, etc., please include the detailed materials such as the project’s proposal and your purpose or intention for the inquiry, and send us an email below.

After receiving your email above, our office staff in charge will contact you. Please kindly allow us some time.

Please refrain from sending us a personal request such as “please send me information for upcoming performances,” or “please send me WS information.” We post all the upcoming appearance and performances on our official website.

Please allow us to make above request, as we are receiving excessive amount of inquiries.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please replace (at) to “@“.

Madada Inc.