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<body weather farm[Hakushu]>
We are sorry that, the activity at this base was over 2011.

“Sorry! I never teach BUTHO! I want say that, I am not master of BUTHO. I am just dancer from the beginning. and, I have no pupil. only one pupil is Rin Ishihara.” -Min Tanaka-

<workshop and, want visit and stay here>
We do not accept about the instruction to a dancer at all from 2010. “I can perform it as some projects at other places.” -Min Tanaka-

“I did cohabitation with many people in a farm village. We learned agriculture and shared the training of the body. I provided the place that each learned by oneself. I brought profit with more than of being able to do it alone. It became the splendid experience for me. And it will be that the people who, learned it got each experience in each dimension.” -Min Tanaka-

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身体トレーニングに関する活動も2010年に完全に終了いたしました。田中泯は一般的に言われる「舞踏」を指導したことは一度もございません。(★一部、単発のプロジェクトとして行うことは稀にございます。 ★開催している場合は、当ページのスケジュール枠に掲載いたしておりますのでご確認ください。)